Welcome Neighbor

We are the Fellowship of the Grace Life!

What does that mean? Well, its simple yet profound. You see, all people have failed God and have sinned falling short of the Glory of God and were doomed to perish. In other words we are not capable of doing anything big enough to makeup for any of our sins and get into Heaven. But, even when we were against God (intentionally or otherwise) He loved us too much to let us perish. So, God the Father sacrificed His Only Son, Jesus, on a wooden cross two-thousand some years ago in our place, to pay for our sins so we who trust our eternal lives to the now living Jesus Christ would not perish but will have eternal life! Sacrificed for His enemies because He loved them — Now that is Grace! And we are one of many churches who trust in Christ Jesus. We are Grace Life Fellowship. Our lives are now in and under God’s Grace.

God trumps us humans in everything, not the least of which is in the subject of love! (John 3:16)

Our Pastor is Elder, William Boney. His phone number is

910-532-4786. His mobile phone number is 910-231-7495. His e-mail is boney101@localnet.com.

Come “hang out” and fellowship with us one Sunday or Wednesday night.

If you would like someone to pray for you or just need friends to talk to you can call for church information at 910-383-0570. Don’t be afraid to leave a temporary phone message. Or e-mail Church Information at bmille7937@aol.com.

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